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Professional Remedial Services


Big Boys Construction Group Maintenance Division offers expertise in maintenance and remedial services. We provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring options and have the proven contracting capacity for large-scale projects requiring design, scheduled planning, repair and remediation programs. Some of our services include:

Building Maintenance, Concrete Spalling, Facade Refurbishments, Structural Repairs, Fireproofing Integration, Roof Repairs + Boxing and Gutter Replacement and Waterproofing.

Read on to find out more about the professional remedial services we provide.



Through quality and reliable building maintenance services, Big Boys Construction Group maintains and drives the performance, lifespan and ultimately the value of all structures. We’re different from our competitors because we self-perform most services rather than subcontracting. You’ll benefit from increased efficiencies and savings and emphasis on sustainable practices in building maintenance.

Commercial, industrial, residential and government clients look to Big Boys Construction Group to meet their specialised needs. All our operators and office staff are highly experienced to ensure we provide tailored building Maintenance to all structures. Big Boys Construction Group integrated solution options affords you economical budgets, ease of administration and the simplicity and convenience of a single point of contact. We’ll manage the coordination of multiple building maintenance services within and across facilities so you don’t have to.



Concrete is strong in compression but comparatively weak in tension. The inclusion of steel reinforcement improves the tensile strength of the element and, consequently, its resistance to stress. Unfortunately, in the presence of water and oxygen, steel corrodes. Therefore, in almost all likely exposure conditions for reinforced concrete, corrosion of the steel is a potential hazard

Concrete spalling also known as concrete cancer has various remedial options depending on the structure.  Through Big Boys Construction Group experience investigating the problem is made easy and simple, once examined Big Boys Construction Group will formulate the appropriate action and initiate repairs.



Big Boys Construction Group understands the painful sight of outdated building designs and the need for change. Facade refurbishments is a valuable service that ensures buildings maintain their value and in most cases, increase the value of the premises.

These repairs include the replacement of all types of building materials, including balustrade repair and replacement, concrete repairs, epoxy coatings, masonry, render, granite and marble, glass, ceramics and other cladding materials. Big Boys Construction Group refurbishments provide immediate benefits such as increased value, aesthetics and durability to all structures.



Big Boys Construction Group can diagnose and remedy any structural damage caused to a building through concrete spalling, brickwork and grouting issues, water leakage and foundation movement through soil erosion.

Big Boys Construction Group employs specialist personnel including Architects and Engineers for all areas of infrastructure rehabilitation and remediation. We provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring options and have the proven contracting capacity for large-scale projects requiring design, scheduled planning, repair and remediation programs.



There is very strict legislation in place governing Fire Protection services for the safety of people and protection of property. Therefore, Building Managers and Strata Managers are obligated by law to upgrade fire services according to changes in legislation.
Big Boys Construction Group has the knowledge of all building fire safety legislative requirements and is prepared to upgrade your fire services to meet compliance and safety regulations and legislation. Our services include:

  • Electrical outlet upgrades
  • Fire hose reels and extinguishers upgrades
  • Gas lines and sprinkler systems upgrades
  • Fire resistant finishes such as fire rated doors, smoke detectors, alarm systems and all emergency exit and lighting to ensure compliance.




Big Boys Construction Group understands that roofs and gutters experience detrimental problems caused by incorrectly installed box gutters and roofing sheets/tiles, inaccurately installed with the incorrect slopes or without overflow and rotten rainwater sumps. If gutters get blocked and refilled with water, the water has no choice but to find its way leaking into your house, factory or shop.

Depending on the roofing material used, after an initial analysis of the problem, Big Boys Construction Group provides services such as:  Repairing rafters under roof tiles, new collar ties, replacement of under purlins, installing new roof tiles, ridges and battens, installing new Colourbond roof sheeting and flashing, replacement of box gutters including reinstatement of roof sheets on either side of the gutter.



Without proper waterproofing treatment, there are several ways that water can penetrate and absorb into the external facade of a building to leave it unprotected and open to long term damages and defects. Defects from ineffective waterproofing represent a huge cost for homeowners and strata managers who beyond the frustration of having to manage building issues long after construction is complete, are losing money due to waterproofing rectification and rework services.

Big Boys Construction Group provides an expert examination and assessment for water leaks and its effects. We have the experience and expertise to effectively and efficiently rectify all arising water problems.